LATITUDE 46°6’50″40N – LONGITUDE 13°5’21″84E

My family in Fagagna

My family has been living in the town of Fagagna since 1363, as evidenced by some documents, and most probably already before.
The forefather was Nicolò known as Corvino de la Vila de Faganea, from whom the history of our surname began.
I did a research that lasted many years, and I managed to find my ancestors up to this date.
Among our ancestors there were notaries, nobles, farmers, carpenters, etc.
He is currently one of the 2 oldest families of Fagagna.

My town

Fagagna is located in the hilly area of Friuli Venezia Giulia, 15 Km from Udine, 60 km from the border with Slovenia and 80 km from the border with Austria.
Fagagna with the 4 small villages MadrisioBattagliaCiconicco and Villalta together has about 6100 inhabitants. The maximum altitude is 266 meter and the lowest point is at 99 m above sea level, with an area of 37,02 kmq.

Interesting places to see: Oasis of Quadris Fagagna
in which they are located two important projects:
reintroduction of the white stork and conservation of the ibis hermit.

Fagagna was mentioned for the first time in imperial diploma
dated 11 June 983 by which the castle was given to Patriarch Rodoaldo.

The museum of rural life Cjase Cocèl is inserted in an old country house, presents the daily life and typical work of
Friulian farmer from the late 1800 until the 1950.
For a quiet walk in the Fagagna’s hills is recommended to start from the castle hill, where there are the remains of
ancient walls and towers, up the hill the church of Santa Maria Assunta.
Do not forget to come at beginning of the walls of Villalta castle, a typical example of a medieval castle.