Hi, my name is Nicola and I was born in october 1971. Twentyone years ago I started my passion for the world of amateur radio. I got the first amateur radio license with the call IW3RKK in July 1991 and the first class license in January 1995 with the call IV3HYD. During the main contest I using the special call IR3A. I share my shack with my brother Michele, his call is IV3RAV or II3A during the contest. We transmit on the HF bands especially in SSBCW and RTTY We have the same working time and is very easy to contact or listen us at the same time. I have many other hobbies, including woodworking, motorcycle rides with my Harley Davidson, shooting range with guns and rifles, fishing and others.


“The last new one”
Caricature carving ham radio shack.
This is the gift that I have made for my brother Michele in basswood.
Motorized antenna rotor and digital voice recorder for DX.
The little mushroom under the tower drives the motorized rotor antenna.
While pressing the package of QSL IA0PS, play the voice recorder.
In the overhead view you can see the amplifier tube at full power, HI!